Freshwater Foundation

Healthy New Zealand lakes and rivers for people and nature.

New Zealanders cherish freshwater. Nine out of ten of us want our streams, rivers and lakes to be safe to swim in and gather food from.

The Freshwater Foundation shares this vision. We want our communities to continue to be able to enjoy their favourite local swimming holes, water that flows cleanly without becoming clogged by mud and algal blooms and to preserve and protect our unique wildlife.

Our country deserves standards for freshwater that are founded on robust science, fairness, and the conviction that our waterways are central to thriving communities and a healthy natural environment.

The Freshwater Foundation’s goals are to:

New Zealanders have a clear vision for freshwater, now let’s come together with a clear voice.

Choose Clean Water hearing to the Local Government and Environment select committee

Local Government Candidates survey press release

Freshwater Foundation are proud to have supported the Choose Clean Water Tour and 12,000-strong petition presented to parliament on the 29th of March 2016.

Choose Clean Water Petition 2014/0054.
Presented 29th March 2016